on-site Eco-Friendly Green Hydrogen

ETI is developing on-site Eco-Friendly Green Hydrogen

Hybrid Energy Technologies®

Hybrid Energy Technologies (HET), a division of Energy Technologies, Inc. has developed and owns several clean, renewable energy technologies. These include solar, fuel cells and hydrogen production.

Solar technologies include unique, patents pending flexible solar that has been adopted by US Military after years of exhaustive worldwide testing in the harshest climates.

Fuel cell technologies include modular, metal-hydride units that are lower cost and more rugged versus traditional PEM or SOFC fuel cells. HET owns (34) US and International patents covering the design and manufacture of these fuel cells.

HET has an additional (20) US and International patents covering hydrogen (H2) technologies for low cost direct conversion of multiple feedstocks into pure hydrogen without producing greenhouse gas as a by-product. Renewable feedstocks include biomass, biogas, landfill gas, methanol, ethanol, municipal solid waste and sugars.

Hydrogen Merchant Market

Total consumption of hydrogen is 11.5 million tons in North America and 52 million tons in the world, representing sales of $19.3 billion and $75.4 billion respectively. HET’s initial target market is 83 thousand tons in North America and 173 thousand tons in the world that is equivalent to $740 million and $1.55 billion respectively.

The most attractive targets for HET will be the hydrogen gas users who currently pay $16.9/kg for delivered hydrogen using tube trailer or cylinders. These users consume hydrogen at 0~300 kg/day. HET can serve this segment with one or multiple on-site solutions of 100 kg/day or 500 kg/day reactors. These users will benefit from reduced costs.

New Emerging H2 Market
In addition to the exisitng markets, we are at the forefront of a new and emerging hydrogen market. Almost all car manufacturers around the world are working on their version of the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV). Several (including Toyota, Honda & Hyundai) have formally announced the introduction of production FCEV for the US market. California and other states are proactively looking to setup the infrastructure needed to support the projected demand for hydrogen fueling stations. These States have authorized millions to establish the initial H2 fueling stations, and have also mandated that 33% of all H2 be produced from renewable sources. Navigant forecasts this market to grow to $50 billion by 2030.

Bio Reformation Advantages

HET’s Bio Reformation process has several advantages over traditional reformation technologies:

• It is Green energy since it uses renewable feedstocks
• It is Green because it does not produce GHG (CO2)
• It is economically scalable to meet local H2 demand
• It produces pure hydrogen without secondary steps
• It can be co-located with fuel cells to produce power

These modular and scalable features allows on-site H2 production at the size needed, reducing or eliminating the high costs of transporting hydrogen typically seen today.

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